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Seeing as we have either a) lost interest in continuing the site or b) don’t have any time to continue running it, we are putting the site up for sale. We already have a legitimate buyer for the site, best price will take the site, its password, and everything we’ve already posted as theirs. Highest bidder at the end of the week has it all.

When you need to take physics and you see the available times


When you cant explain what graduating college feels like


Life smacks the shit out of you.

When you see the answer to the mat 132 written assignment

When you ask to use the bathroom during an exam

I need to fucking pee though.

To our followers…

Guys, we were planning on bringing this site back up and running with new content every day like it used to be. All we need is the support from you guys! Message us on tumblr if you think we should continue the page or if we shouldn’t. If we get enough messages from our fans telling us to stay, we’d be more than delighted to. Thanks!

When your version of working out is not eating at wendys


When you walk out of your last final after a week full of adderall


The concrete floor magically turns into the most comfortable thing ever

When Stony Brook made the College World Series

When you heard about the 1 meat, 1 cheese, 1 veggie omelette rule at brunch

Like… Seriously?

When you successfully fart silently in a packed lecture hall


When you finish your first tray of food at brunch


When you can’t find the answer to your smartwork on google


When your ta tells you there is no testing or attendance in his recitation


That’s makes your schedule more lenient ;)

When someone walks into the corridor bathroom while you’re deucing


It would be Chris Bosh…